Our Team

Our Team

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Team Leader

Osonuga Oluwatobi

Osonuga Oluwatobi is the team leader of Lagos Realtors Hub, Shortlet-Lagos and several others. Prior to the above, Oluwatobi has work Sales & Marketing department of several real estate establishment like Propertymart Real Estate Investment Limited, Grenadines Homes Real Estate Investment Limited and Elizade Toyota to mention a few. Under his tenure the businesses witnessed significant success.
Coworking is not only about the physical place, but about establishing the coworking community first.

02 Our Staff

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Our Team

Our skills and personalities are as diverse as our locations, yet we are united by our common commitment to support the growth and well-being of our global network.

Customer Engagement

Orukotan Oluwatosin E.

Oluwatosin is our customer engagement officer, she is a social entrepreneur, and change strategist. She is passionate about systemic change, sustainability, enabling start-up initiatives/enterprises, creating synergies, good questions and meaningful conversations.

Hub Manager I

Adeniran Omotosho

Adeniran Omotosho is our Hub Manager, and performs a broad range of activities in support of the continuous development of Lagos Realtors Hub brand portfolio, as well as brand governance and special projects.

Hub Manager II

Comfort Adebayo

Comfort Adebayo is a dynamic professional, she owns her business skills in Strategic Planning/Execution of Social Events, Sales & Marketing, Videography, Realtor and Inspirational/Motivational Speaker.

Asst Hub Manager

Balogun Holuwatobi

Balogun Holuwatobi is our Assistant Hub Manager, he is the go-to person when it comes to growing new Lagos realtors Hubs across the state. He is responsible for the overall on boarding process and its due diligence.

SEO Specialist/IT personnel

Donald Okegbe

As an experienced Digital consultant and software developer in terms of innovation, organisation and personal development, Donald is committed to building organisations and systems that enable people and planet to thrive and meaningful visions to get accomplished

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